Welcome to Make Salt Lake!

Thanks for signing up! We’ll automatically rebill your membership each month. Cancel whenever you like by calling 801-872-4294.

Now there’s just one more thing to do. Choose from one of the following:

Option 1: Visit the Makerspace at our 7 pm weekly Monday wood-working meetup and say you just joined.

Option 2: Visit the Makerspace at our 7 pm weekly Wednesday public night and say you just joined.

Option 3: Call 801-872-4294 and say “I just signed up and need to schedule my first training session”.


During this session we will:

  • Register your Access Card
  • Review Code of Conduct and TOS.
  • Sign paperwork
  • Train and Certify for the Laser Cutter or woodshop.
  • Sign up for our community chat system, Slack
  • Answer any questions you might have

“Why do I need a training session” – you might be asking. After trying to onboard almost 200 members completely via the internet, we learned there really isn’t any replacement for face-to-face training. Previously, people felt confused and a little lost with all the steps you had to take online. This way, you get a dedicated person to answer any question you might have. You also get certified on a fun tool, and we get to meet a new member!

If you have any problems, email info@makesaltlake.org