Print Shop

A Shop Everyone Uses

The Print Shop at Make Salt Lake is one of our most used areas. Almost everyone, at one time or another, needs to print something out, use a label maker, or make a flier. Whether those prints are of your professional photos for a gallery showing or posters for your upcoming garage sale, having access to quality printers is key. That’s where MSL comes in! We have a full compliment of printers and other office tools to make your next project a breeze!

What do we have?

First, we have our basic Laser Printer. This Brother printer is a BW and Color printer that can do large batches of prints with ease. It prints on both sides or single sided and is wirelessly connected to our Mac desktop so you can easily print from on site.

Second, we have a Canon Pixma ink jet printer. This printer can do much higher quality prints and is perfect if you’re wanting to print photos or high resolution images. It can also print up to 11x17” allowing you to have much larger prints than your typical home printer.

Next, the print studio also boasts a large format printer. This printer can print up to 24” wide and works off of a roll, so most prints can end up as 24” x whatever length you want them to be. The printer can do Black and White and Color and automatically trims the length so your poster end up as the correct size! It’s the perfect tool for events, signage and all sorts posters and projects.

In addition to our suite of printers, we also provide a selection of useful office tools. These include several button makers of different sizes, a spiral binder, a laminator, a paper cutter and a stack cutter, label maker, staplers, and more! Each of these tools could, individually, cost as much as a month of membership, so there’s no reason not to sign up and get access to them right away.

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Paper and Ink

The Print Shop prides itself on providing everything you need to do your project. The shop is fully stocked with all materials for your printing project. Ink, paper, binding materials, button parts, tape, staples, and a wide selection of office supplies are all available on a by-donation basis. We are happy to offer these supplies, as having quick access to them is crucial for success. We are able to provide these items due to the donations we receive from members who make use of them. In many cases we will have suggested donations printed on machines or near supplies. These costs reflect the actual cost of materials for a page or printing, or making a button. They are not marked up and aren’t meant as a form of income for the space. They simply are the cost of the materials, and donations are what allow us to keep the print shop fully stocked with useful consumables.