+MSL Press Release 8 April 2020

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News Release April 8, 2020

Going Anti-Viral: UT Makerspace Producing Crowdsourced PPE

SALT LAKE CITY, UT USA: Make Salt Lake (MSL), a local 501(c)(3) non-profit “Makerspace” organization, is prototyping and manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical professionals and other high-risk individuals in Utah. MSL members are using high-tech tools such as 3D printing and laser cutting devices together with extremely accessible “home-made” techniques to produce items such as masks, protective full-face shields, and other items to protect those who are on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Melissa Allen, MSL Board President, is coordinating the three current projects. These projects are “Phase One” rapid-response masks made with filtration material, “Phase Two” masks which are lasercut and sewn from donated fabrics, and PPE face shields designed to protect healthcare professionals.

MSL believes that by applying available engineering and manufacturing resources we can organize to help the Wasatch Front cope with the threat of COVID-19 in an agile, rapid-response effort. “We aim to bridge the gap until commercially-produced products can once more fulfill the immediate needs of our community.” says Allen. Other members of the organization are looking towards next projects including positive-flow oxygen masks and the possibility of using MSL tools and facilities to help produce ventilator parts.

So far, MSL volunteers have produced over 1,500 protective masks for immediate distribution, and currently have materials to make up to 3,500 units in the coming weeks. A large portion of the latex-free “Phase One” no-sew masks will be distributed/donated to Utah’s homeless population through partner organizations, while “Phase Two” sewn masks are being donated to assisted living facilities and other high risk touchpoints. One thousand PPE units have been distributed by MSL as of 4/8/2020, and MSL has a goal to donate/distribute 20,000+ items locally by the end of April.


Manufacturing these PPE and other Covid-19 response efforts at Make Salt Lake are contingent upon availability of critical supplies which are becoming scarce. Donations of time, supplies, and financial contributions are urgently needed to support these efforts.

How people can help:

● Support through financial donations or by volunteering time, giving supplies, and lending or sponsoring equipment. Info: http://ow.ly/lcmn50z6GmH

● Supplies needed:

■ cotton fabric, canvas, denim, thread, and elastic

■ PETG film and 3D printer filament

■ PLA 3D printer filament

■ Clear plastic sheets (PVC, acetate)

● Any local individuals with access to a 3D printer are encouraged to assist with printing PPE components, as time per print and equipment availability are critical variables.

● Pre-cut fabric kits are available for no-contact pickup in South Salt Lake for volunteers who can help sew or assemble no-sew masks from home.

Media Assets: http://ow.ly/pzCb50z6Nq0

● Press Advisory - Live appearances-Including remote video/audio, and onsite photo-ops are available by appt, please call or email to inquire. melissa@makesaltlake.org / (385)237-7676.