Metal Shop

A small shop for big ideas

The Make Salt Lake metal shop is one of our fastest growing areas. In the last year, we’ve overhauled the metal shop and added several critical tools to its collection. We’re also excited to continue to expand the metal shop as interest grows amongst our membership. As one of our fastest growing areas we are excited to see how many amazing things people are making.

All the best tools, all in one place

In addition to three brand new angle grinders and several new sets of hand tools, the metal shop also features a selection of larger metalworking tools that make it far more diverse and usable than your typical garage metal shop. In the last year, we’ve added a brand new forge, custom made for us by Wasatch Forge, a Miller MIG Welder, and a Lincoln TIG welder. We also have a sand blasting cabinet, multiple bench grinders, a horizontal band saw, and many other hand and benchtop tools. This diverse collection makes the MSL metal shop a fantastic place to work on any metal project.

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What can we make?

With our welders, cutters, grinders, taps, dies, breaks and everything else, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Below are some of the awesome projects our members have worked on over the years.

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Cut, bent, and welded planter troughs

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Cast brass using our forge

How to get going in the Metal Shop

The metal shop, like all industrial areas, can be a dangerous place, especially for people who are new to the world of metal working. To help people be safe and become familiar with the shop and the proper use of its tools we have one certification that is required to use the metal shop and most of its tools.

Metal Shop Certification (General Safety) - This class is required in order to gain access to the MSL metal shop. It covers the basics of metal shop safety. The instructor will go into detail about how to properly set up, use, and store the many different tools within the metal shop including cutter, grinders, sanders, and hand tools. This class covers the use of the MIG welder.They will also cover the requirements for personal protective equipment and many good practices for using the metal shop.

Forge Certification - This class is required in order to use the forge. It covers basic safety and tips and tricks for finding success. The instructor will also show you how to properly adjust the forge to get good results.

The only class that is required in order to use the metal shop is the Metal Shop Certification (General Safety) course. The other two classes (Forge and TIG0 are only required if you wish to use the particular tools they cover.

Classes and certifications can be found here** **with the exception of the Forge Certification which is done by appointment.