Laser Cutters

Both lasers require a separate certification before using, register on Meetup**. Make Salt Lake currently has two laser cutters set up and available for use. The laser cutting workshop is one of our most popular and frequently used spaces at Make Salt Lake. People use the lasers to cut patterns for wooden projects, etch graphics, and a huge number of other creative projects. Our lasers are not set up to do metal etching or cutting, but they can cut or etch a wide variety of materials including acrylic, wood, leather, certain plastics, wood composites and fabrics. They can also be used to etch glass or even stone!

Our original leaser is a Full Spectrum model laser. It has a 24” x 36” bed and a 90 watt laser tube that can cut up to approximately 1/2” material in a single pass. Our BRAND NEW Laser Cutter, R2, measuring in with a 40” x 24” cutting space. It sports a 100w tube, simple interface, and quality cutting and etching speeds. It also comes with a rotary head allowing for etching on rounded surfaces like bottles or glasses. Both cutters are CO2 lasers with water cooled laser tubes. They can be used with Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or other vector software, and are very simple to learn to use.